Positive Psychology Coaching for Optimal Functioning and Wellbeing 

Welcome to our Positive Psychology Coaching for Optimal Functioning and Wellbeing program! 

Our coaching engagement focuses on life satisfaction, happiness, wellbeing, motivation, achievement, positive human capacities, organizational citizenship, and positive organizational behavior.

We use cognitive-behavioral and solution-focused approaches as effective personal development and goal-attainment tools. By infusing a positive psychology philosophy into these approaches, we broaden their impact to enhance and support your life satisfaction, happiness, optimism, and hope.

Our integrated coaching approach is a resource for goal striving, improving performance, reducing work-related stress, and enhancing wellbeing and resilience.

Your coach becomes an external social resource for you to use as autonomy support in your pursuit of optimal functioning and wellbeing.

The Positive Psychology Coaching for Wellbeing Program

Our Positive Psychology Coaching for Wellbeing Program is well-grounded in primary and secondary sources of positive psychology theory and research. We use evidence-based applications and interventions, models, and frameworks for use with healthy populations in everyday settings to bring new perspectives to the pursuit of happiness.

The applied science guides us in establishing wellbeing habits and routines.

We use a pragmatic approach to support you in adapting and playfully experimenting with the tools and practices within the safe space of a coaching relationship. Our strengths-based approach is an operating platform for you to build an engaged and meaningful life.

Experiential learning, combined with a reflective and transformative learning approach based on adult learning research and theorizing, guides you in deepening your insight and forwarding your action.

If you choose to do so, you participate in bringing forth your gifts to better your community and the life of your loved ones.

Our teaching sessions use a semi-structured or narrative approach, bringing empirically supported theorizing, reliable and validated measurement, and empirically supported applications and interventions into a participatory learning and practice environment. We balance information, inquiry, action, and reflection.

An Evidence-Based Coaching Paradigm

We use theory and research-based applications to offer valuable coaching services and insight on enhancing resilience, optimism, emotional responsiveness, motivation, and productivity in the workplace.

We coach for positive leadership and values-driven, strengths-based, emotionally intelligent flourishing. We aspire to practice evidence-based coaching.

We aim to draw on the best current knowledge of theory, research, and practice from scientific domains of inquiry in

psychology, such as positive psychology and adult developmental theory;

education, such as adult learning and constructive-developmental theory;

business management, such as requisite organization and positive organizational behavior.

As practitioners, we aim to be well-grounded in positive psychology theory and research ideas, frameworks, and practices. From this ground, we promote personal, professional, and work-related human strengths and wellbeing. This vision is guided by utilizing positive psychology theory and research within various work settings.

With this vision and building on this foundation, we are enriched and empowered with new perspectives and tools for making a difference with our coaching practice.

Our engagement in enhancing workplace leaders’ and teams’ wellbeing and effectiveness is guided by the quest to build sustainable enterprises and instill positive organizational culture.

What is the Goal?

As part of our agenda-setting, we encourage you to set and strive for personally meaningful goals.

The end goal of our collaborative coaching relationship is, first and foremost, goal attainment. Wellbeing is often a by-product of the goal-striving process.

Positive psychology interventions are welcome, readily utilized, and applied within an evidence-based coaching paradigm.

Positive psychology interventions are intentional activities with the end goal of increasing wellbeing.

Valuable models of wellbeing, such as the PERMA model by Seligman, can help us guide our attention in and focus of individual sessions as well as the whole coaching engagement, from initiation to closure and follow-up. PERMA invites us to follow and integrate five pathways to happiness; cultivate pleasure, engagement, relationships, meaning, and accomplishment.

Coaching Conversations

Our coaching conversations aim for constructive, helpful, and energized interaction. We Speak Positively, whether it’s a talk to find a way forward, resolve a conflict, get an inspiring sense of direction, identify what you and your team want, or explore the benefits of working on a topic of interest.

Join our Coaching for Optimal Functioning and Wellbeing program and start your journey towards a happier, more fulfilling life!

What is your approach to coaching?

Welcome to our coaching services! We aspire to work with business executives and their teams who understand the importance of positive work and organizations in achieving both business results and the wellbeing of members, clients, and the community.

Our approach is grounded in positive psychology, coaching psychology, and positive work and organizations research. We believe that focusing on strengths, values, and a balanced approach to achievement and wellbeing is essential for creating a positive culture of engagement and meaningful striving.

When you work with us, you can expect wholehearted support in your endeavor to create a positive culture where employee performance and wellbeing are equally valued and achieved without one compromising or excluding the other. We are committed to helping you achieve targeted outcomes in business performance, customer service and satisfaction, organizational effectiveness, and personal wellbeing.

What can I expect from coaching?

Our coaching focuses on three domains of leadership, organizing, and business, which form a whole. We take an integrative perspective to your development projects, inclusive of all levels and perspectives, to deepen your learning and forward your action.

We believe that the wellbeing of each and the wellbeing of all is our ultimate vision, and flourishing is our ultimate goal. We are committed to values and strengths of continuing development, supervision, and ethics in service of evidence-based, science-guided, humanistic practice.

Our coaching services are designed to empower you to proceed with your mission, encourage you to exert full effort, and inspire you to create the positive future you envision. We will see you, bless you, listen, inquire, quest and request, challenge and stretch, stand for you, and stand by you. We will empower and champion your powers, manifest and hidden, your gifts realized or dormant, and acknowledge, celebrate, and honor your achievements.

If you value doing good in the world, living a meaningful and fulfilling personal life, caring for future generations, and respecting others, we are here to support you. Our mission is to grow our collective capacity to experience awe, elation, and appreciation of beauty. If you think bringing more beauty, meaning, and fulfillment into your life would be worthwhile, we are here to share what we have learned so far.

We are here to support you and your community to thrive by enhancing wellbeing and resilience and attaining valued goals through coaching, teaching, and consulting services.

Thank you for considering our coaching services. We look forward to working with you to achieve your goals and create a positive culture of engagement and meaningful striving.

What will be the focus of our coaching?

Your agenda set the focus of our coaching. In service of your agenda, we will help you:

Learn the language of strengths; learn about strengths. 

Knowing about strength enables you to build a vocabulary for describing the positive in people all around you;

Understand what your strengths are. {Know Yourself}

Discovering your strengths will change how you see yourself and interact with the world daily;

Build on your strengths. {Choose Yourself}

You can choose to build your life around your talents and invent ways of developing and applying strengths in areas you want to improve, achieve, and become more effective;

Live a life of success, meaning, and fulfillment; share your gifts freely and creatively. {Give Yourself}

Your greatest talents hold the key to high achievement, success, and progress at personal excellence levels. A talent represents a capacity to do something. Strengths are developed talents. Continue to discover your talents and develop them into strengths, do this systematically and consistently to make your life more fulfilling and meaningful and to bring you a lifetime of satisfaction and joy.

If you are interested in developing your positive capacities, you might consider engaging in a self-study to learn and practice the foundational ideas of positive psychology. Click here to take you to the navigation for the self-study course.