Intentions, Engagement, Commitment

Clarify your intentions

Make use of the transformative power in intention.

Take time to get clear on your own intentions as a participant in this program.

Get clear on what you want; it will help you to communicate succinctly and gain the most value from the experience.

Coaching is a forum where you can show up as yourself, fully engaged and feeling able to express what matters most to you.

Have the courage to engage at a soul-deep level with others.

If you want your life or your business to change on a profound level, it will.

Your intentions build the foundation for your leadership expression in the world and set the tone of your relationships.

Your intention, your engagement, and your commitment will be the key drivers in your outcome, in what you may expect to achieve.

These are your choices, you are at choice, you are at cause.

I invite you also to choose the following guidelines and principles, practice them, and embody them; for the benefit of all.

Our coming together does create a space, and you can choose to enter this space with receptivity and intention.

The coaching is the context for your transformation; it is not the whole context, which would be your life; it is a significant one, it can be a catalyzer, an accelerator, if you wish.

You can bring your whole self to this, and that would greatly facilitate integration.

Leaving parts of yourself out of the conversation may give rise to incongruence, a growing of the shadow, which probably will cause challenges later on.

The 6seconds emotional intelligence model says: Know Yourself, Choose Yourself, Give Yourself.

I invite you to give yourself with love, trust, and courage to this process.

Holding back may feel safe and comfortable, but it won’t serve you or others well.

By bringing half, you will not be able to take or get half; you probably will get much less than half.

So, then, again, clear your intention, vitalize your engagement, and wholeheartedly authorize your commitment.

May this create wellbeing for you and all of us.

With these three pillars in place, we get to operationalize the endeavor. Here is where it happens, the messy, the jumping and falling, getting back up and moving again; slow and fast, exciting and boring, the arena of your life, unfolding.

Here is where guidelines and principles will further our action and deepen our learning.