Welcome Message

I want to congratulate you on your decision to commit to this journey which shall become an unfolding of your growth, your inner resources, and your wellbeing on your way to achieving your goals and actualizing your potential and your best self.

In our conversations so far you have mentioned your interest in flourishing in life areas of work, love, and play.

In our work together, we will clarify further your goals, your paths, and your values and strengths in service of your flourishing in these areas and in service of your overall fulfillment and wellbeing.

May this or something even greater manifest in your life.

Coaching is work and you will be the one doing the work; there will be challenges and there will be overcoming challenges.

You will encounter challenges and you will triumph over those challenges.

Primary resources to access and make use of will be your self-compassion, support structures, and the support of your coach.

Your commitment to using this opportunity and to focusing on living a life of fulfillment and flourishing will be your primary power in positive growth.

May this act of taking on the identity of being the Author of Your Life be rewarding to you and to the benefit of all.

To Do Next

Please read the documents linked through the Onboarding Resource List.

Please engage with the “Initial Inquiry.”