Areas of developmental practice for the coach CPD

I am a coaching practitioner, and I have identified the following practice areas for improvement and enhancing effectiveness, going from surface to deeper layers or structures:

Skills, Knowledge, Social role & values, Self-image, Traits, Motives.

Skills: Do I have the ability or enough training and practice to act effectively in this situation?

To implement effective teaching, coaching, and learning, I plan for individual sessions; I have a protocol for the whole engagement, for the present phase of implementation, for specific interventions when required, and for preparation and evaluation.

To create and maintain a supportive and safe learning environment, I implement a range of strategies; I continually work on self-management, I evoke unconditional regard for the learner, I evoke and communicate empathy, I communicate confidentiality, and I adhere to confidentiality.

I contract for assessment, feedback, and reporting on client learning, and I adhere to the boundaries and confidentiality to build and sustain trust.

Knowledge: Do I have enough information to take action?

To keep up to date with relevant content and methodology, I apply strategies of Continued Professional Development planning and implementation; I have a reflective practice, and I am actively growing my knowledge base.

To gain a deeper understanding of human development, positive growth, learning, and intentional change, I explore, experience, experiment, and evolve my mastery.

Social role and values: What do I value about myself, and how does this contribute to my practice?

I practice mindful observation and critical inquiry to liberate myself from limiting beliefs. I stretch beyond my comfort zone to gain psychological flexibility. I practice presence to be accepting of discomfort in unfamiliar situations and unfamiliar responses.

I inquire into how I feel about the way I teach and coach and what I value most about teaching, coaching, and learning.

Self-image: What do I value about myself, and how does this contribute to my practice?

Traits: Can I identify inherent traits and their impact on practice?

How do I typically behave, and what do I feel comfortable doing?

How can I use these to the greatest effect in my teaching and coaching?

Are there any traits preventing me from being the best teacher and coach I can be?

How can I work with these limiting traits or leverage other traits to improve my practice?

Motives: What motivates me in my practice?

What aspects of my teaching and coaching do I consistently devote energy to or avoid?

What drives me to improve or change? How can I use these drivers to improve my practice?