ROI evaluation toolkit, survey instruments.

Questionnaire A: Reaction and Learning.

Your initial coaching sessions

Please provide your initial impressions of coaching based on your first four sessions.

Rate as: 1. Strongly Disagree  2. Disagree  3. Agree  4. Strongly Agree

Q1 My coach and I set objectives for the coaching relationship.

Q2 The expectations for the scope and conduct of the coaching relationship were clear.

Q3 My coach and I connected and established rapport.

Q4 Before this coaching relationship, I had a positive expectation of the value of coaching.

Q5 The four sessions provided a strong foundation for our coaching conversations.

Q6 Conducting coaching over the telephone is very effective for me.

Q7 The frequency and length of the coaching sessions were about right.

Q8 The 360 feedback was collected and effectively explained to me.

Q9 What suggestions or ideas do you have for improving executive coaching?

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Initial Learning Gained from Coaching

Please reflect upon your initial experience with coaching and respond to the following items.

Q10 As a result of the coaching relationship, I’m more effective as a leader.

Q11 I am gaining insights into personal changes that I must make to be more effective.

Q12 I am learning about how my thinking and behaviors impact my effectiveness.

Q13 Coaching is opening up new ways for me to look at business situations.

Q14 I have learned how to work more effectively with my stakeholders, seniors, and peers to accomplish business objectives.

Q15 I am learning to engage my work team more effectively to achieve goals.

Q16 Coaching is enabling me to explore new ways to increase teamwork.

Q17 As a result of the 360 feedback and coaching, I have strengthened my leadership skills.

Q18 I recommend executive coaching to my colleagues. 

Q19 How has your experience with coaching increased your leadership capacity (programs, people, and self)?

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Interview Guide B: Application and Impact

Worksheet: Capturing the ROI of Coaching 

Instructions: This worksheet is an interview guide for evaluators to assist coaching clients in evaluating the monetary impact of coaching. While not an exact science, this worksheet follows a well-established, conservative, and credible approach to evaluation. Estimation is a necessary and accepted part of the ROI process.

  1. Describe the performance improvements you have realized from coaching.
  2. Identify the potential sources of the impact of these improvements

(a) Increasing your personal productivity,

(b) Increasing the productivity of your workgroup,

(c) Increasing customer satisfaction,

(d) Reducing cost,

(e) Increasing product quality, 

(f) Reducing cycle time, 

(g) Increasing resources, 

(h) other. 

  1. For each item checked above, please complete one of the benefits calculations below. Benefits calculations:

3.1. Letter Code: Please enter a letter code from Q2. (a, b, c, d, e, f, g, h) ___

3.1.1. Estimate Monetary Value of Performance Improvement: Please enter the estimated value, expressed in dollars, of the improvement in performance for the letter code category entered in 3.1.  $___

3.1.2. Time Frame for Monetary Benefit: Please select the appropriate time frame for the monetary benefit in 3.1.1. (Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Yearly) ___

3.1.3. Estimate % of Improvement Due to Coaching: Please estimate, on a percentage basis, how much of the monetary value can be attributed to performance improvements made directly from coaching.  %___

3.1.4. State confidence in this estimate: Please estimate, on a percentage basis (%0 = No-Confidence; %100 = High Confidence), your confidence in the estimate in 3.1.3. of how much of the monetary value was attributed to coaching.  %___


Annualized Benefit = (estimate of monetary value) x (% attribution) x (% confidence) x (annualized multiplier)


3.2. Letter Code: Repeat for other (a, b, c, d, e, f, g, h).

Tally the Annualized Benefits (3.1. + 3.2. …) = $___


  1. Determine the cost of the coaching

Category: Professional fees; Cost of client’s time to participate in coaching (___#hours x $yz/hour); Materials; Travel expenses; Telecommunications; Administration cost (includes the cost of evaluation); Total Cost

  1. Calculate the ROI: ROI = (Benefit – Cost) / Cost x 100 = %___
  2. Identify the intangible benefits: (i)___ (ii)___ (iii)___


Interviewer Information for Benefit Calculations:

Determine/use the standard values of the client organization. If these are not known or available, use:

(Compensation rate; Hours per week = 40 hours; Weeks per year = 46 weeks, Months per year = 10.5 months)