Workbook One: Goal-setting in 20 minutes or less

Three long-term goal statements; clear, concise with target dates

Based on my inspirations from the “Best Possible Self” Visualization, I intend to achieve the following goals in the next 10 to 15 months; one goal in one life area for each domain: What by when for my … goal 




Intermediate-term milestones for each goal

Milestones I could achieve in the next three to four months that would have meaning and excite me to move toward as a stepping stone to my long-term … goal 




Short-term SMART goals

Each SMART goal is the next stepping stone to its milestone ahead.

I have a monthly SMART goal, so I can see the next stepping stone.

What, by when, unit of measure, amount I would be able to achieve and also feel good about.

Check: Is the amount reasonable to achieve in the set time; will it be enough to bring me closer to my milestone? SMART goal for my … milestone 




Who will I enlist as Social Support?

I have chosen an accountability partner who will be delighted in my thriving and flourishing.

My chosen accountability partner is … 

I will contact them to enlist by … 

Celebrations and Blessings

What and how I will celebrate … achievements 




I commit to consistent action

I attend to, care for, and renew my commitments wholeheartedly.

The reason I want to commit to this newly formed personal goal is … 

Relating to my life vision:

Available resources to marshal:

Confidence check:

Take confidence one notch up by:

Announcing my professional goal: “I commit to my professional goal of …”

How do I feel as I speak my commitment? What is my first reaction?

Announcing my social goal: “I commit to my social goal of …”

How do I feel as I speak my commitment? What is my first reaction?

Implementing and executing action plans

Am I keeping the right balance when exerting effort and employing resources and strengths?

Do I need to adapt or adjust anything?

What about my fulfillment and joy? Any overwhelm or boredom?

Outputs of my action items

Personal actions: 

Professional actions:

Social actions:

Daily ritual

A short statement about how I will structure and follow my daily habit:

My daily action planning and execution habit is to … 

Weekly ritual

I plan daily actions for the week ahead and track the results of actions taken in the previous week.

Appointment in my calendar for my weekly plan, track, and evaluate meeting: Day and time:

Monthly ritual

Once a month, I have an extended appointment to plan, track, and evaluate actions taken.

Appointment in my calendar for my monthly plan, track, and evaluate meeting: Day and time:

Monitoring and evaluating progress

Date of first evaluation meeting:

At what interval do I evaluate progress and effectiveness of goal pursuit:

I monitor and track progress by:

Three Questions to evaluate progress and effectiveness:

Three Criteria to evaluate progress and effectiveness:

Red flags, what are they, and what to do about them:

How can I use my strengths and resources more effectively? 

Can I bring in other strengths and resources? 

Can I develop and use any latent or underused strengths and resources? 

Am I overusing some of my strengths or resources? 

Adjustments and amending actions 

Amend; yes, no, or how? 

Current week’s action plan: 

Monthly, short-term SMART goals:

(And record in) Goals Tracking Sheet:


Monitoring gladness and letting it sink in.

What fills my heart with gladness?