Workbook Two: Goal-Setting Workshop as Part of SBDP

The Strengths-Based Positive Growth Project: “Goal-Setting and Positive Capacity Building” Workbook 

Preliminary and related inquiries: Strengths, Interests, Values

A goal is a vision for the future. An action plan is a promise to bring that future into our lives.

I take action toward my future vision as an expression of my authentic self. I am living by my values.

I am willingly participating and ready to take action for positive change.

I am motivated to set self-concordant goals and author my life.

Steps I follow in setting and achieving goals 

Decide what I want by when;

List possible actions to achieve my goals; invite others’ input for possible actions;

Consider my strengths and resources and make an action plan using the best ideas from my list;

Set priorities;

Commit to take consistent, regular action on my plan;

Create support structures and enlist an accountability partner;

Monitor progress, adjust when necessary;


Celebration Notes

What will I do to celebrate achieving each goal?

What will I celebrate of my character, virtues, talents, strengths, and values?


Achievements and accomplishments:

Positive experiences along the way:

Relationships honored and built:

Engagement I enjoyed and meaning I created:

Self-esteem nurtured and confidence nourished:

Building up positive capacities:

Making Progress Visible

My goal, What, by when:

Current milestone:

Monthly SMART goal:

Monthly tracking sheet – Actions leading to SMART goal achievement

Action — Output units, Progress indicators; Amount targeted — Target date

Actions taken by now — Output generated by now — Adjust? On target?

Milestones to celebrate:

Red flags:

Regular end-of-month review (or review initiated by red flags)

What were my set priorities?

What needs adjustment?

What works, what gets results, what can I accentuate?

What strengths and resources can I leverage?

What does not work or produce results; what should I tweak or replace with something more effective? Am I using an appropriate timescale?

Setting Up Support Structures

I use support structures and tools consistently, regularly, and often. I employ and deploy small and quick ones as well as big and inert ones. I use what works for me.

Self-administered tools:

Interpersonal support:

Communal support:

Celebrations I look forward to:

People who appreciate my potentials and rejoice in the sharing of abundance and joy:

Accountability Check-In

We use active constructive responding in check-ins with my accountability partner.

My goals for the next week (until the next meeting) are:

Since the last meeting, I have done:

My accomplishments to share and celebrate are:

Check-in agenda

What actions did I take I said I would? Let’s celebrate those.

Actions I did not take I said I would. Will I take these incomplete actions until the next meeting?

My priorities moving forward are these goals for the month or season:

To accomplish my goals, I will do these actions for the week: 

Weekly Ritual

My Weekly Appointment day and time, 30-minute slot in weekly calendar:

Next milestone:

Monthly goal, outcome:

Plan, track, evaluate

The next seven days, goals, outcomes, outputs:

The previous seven days, goals, outcomes, outputs:

What have I done planned and unplanned that moved me forward?

Pull the strings, or loosen up?

Am I ok with how things are going?

Obstacles and challenges ahead:

Overcome and preempt:

Actions, strengths, resources:

Support and external resources to enlist:

Develop dormant talents into strengths:

High-Priority Actions List for the Week

Most important actions for the week ahead:

Best result expected, priority action:

Action item, day, time, cue, duration, best output

Tracking Sheet: Weekly Actions and Outputs

<Action item, Output unit> <Week 1 plan; actual output> <Week 2 plan; actual output> <Week 3> <Week 4> 

How are things moving forward?

What’s working; what’s not working; improvement ideas:

Where might additional effort add to my results?

Actions for the week to post on visual board:

Daily Ritual for Daily Implementation Intentions

What one small step could I take today on each of my weekly goals?

My top three priority actions for the day, by when I will do them:

Write it down, speak it out.

Priority action one, by:

Priority action two, by:

Priority action three, by:

Doing the actions for today to accomplish my priorities for the week and move toward my goals.

Monthly Ritual, Check-In, and Update

My Monthly Appointment day and time, 60+ minute slot in weekly calendar:

Next milestone:

Monthly goal, outcome planned; achieved:

What goals will I set for this month?

How are my monthly goals and outcomes adding up to my bigger goal?

Primary Goals List

Personal primary goal one:

Milestone to personal goal one:

SMART goals to personal milestone one:

Personal primary goal two:

Professional primary goal one:

Milestone to professional goal one:

SMART goals to professional milestone one:

Professional primary goal two:

Social primary goal one:

Milestone to social goal one:

SMART goals to social milestone one:

Social primary goal two:

Personal goal and monthly action plan: inquire, review, and update

Next milestone (with date) for personal goal one:

What monthly personal goals will move me toward this milestone:

Approaching a milestone during this month?

How will I celebrate when I reach this month’s milestone?

Monthly (SMART) goal one:

Check one: Target date, realistic, achievable, monitored and measured, specific and clear

Adjust or modify one?

Monthly action plan for SMART goal one: Every action has an output that adds toward achieving the monthly goal or milestone

Previous month check: What have I achieved? What have I grown in my strengths, capacities, and resources? How are my vision and my becoming unfolding?

What is my goal for the month?